28 March 2010

Sound Sleep is Important!

Sound Sleep is Important!

Yesterday I found out that simply trying to sleep for 10 hours is not always the idea. In fact, if you can manage a 6 hour sleep every day through which you sleep soundly, without any disturbances whatsoever, you are more likely to wake up fresh and rejuvenated the following day.

So here are some ways to get a good sleep that I figured out. Try them and see if they help you!

  1. Have a faint light on while you sleep if you must. The best option is to have all the lights off.
  2. Try reading before you go to sleep. This helps me fall asleep faster, even on days when it feels like it will be impossible to get some sleep
  3. Put your computer or music player on timer and play some faint and soothing music while trying to sleep. After a while the system will shut down,and by then you should be in your dream world!
  4. Exercises can help - especially in the morning, or before dinner in the evening!
  5. Drink plenty of water - healthy fluids
  6. Meditate for a short while - even 15 minutes a day. It does wonders
  7. Switch your TV off well before you go to bed
  8. Don't play too many action games on your computer before going to sleep
  9. Don't stress your mind to fall asleep. This will worsen it. Think about the following day or anything else that feels good
  10. Make sure you are comfortable in your bed
These points work pretty well, at least they do most of the time for me. If you have some more to add to this list, you are most welcome :)


  1. I shall be trying these...for sure...

  2. I agree to this one...being insomniac, I crave for a good night sleep...

  3. sleep is called the natural healer. it has been seen we can overcome lot of physical and psychological difficulties by sleeping.