13 April 2010

Feeling the Music!

You would come across very few people who would say that they do not enjoy listening to music. However, people do have varied tastes with regards to the music that they may prefer listening to.

What I want to convey here is, if you have been listening to music, it is good enough. But to get the best out of anything you listen to, try feeling it! 

Did I sound a bit nerdy there?!

Well, that is the very idea used in music therapy. It can refresh your mind, improve your  concentration power, help you sleep better, and do a lot of other things that can prove beneficial for your health. 

This is what you can try out:
  • Get a few songs or music pieces on your mp3 player or music system to listen to
  • Make sure you will not face any disturbance
  • Now before you start listening to the music, make sure there are no bright lights switched on (its all right if you can't manage this part)
  • Try to recollect what you like the most in the music that you are about to hear - is it the lyrics? - is the the beat? - is it something else?
  • Now concentrate on that very factor and switch on the music and feel every bit of what you like in it
You will definitely get energized and probably addicted to music even more. At least it works for me!

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