10 May 2010

A Touch of Spiritualism

Why try to be happier when you are already happy?

There are times when we want more and more in our lives. What eventually happens is we start to forget the things that we already have! This is where we start overlooking how much value each item has in our lives, and make ourselves miserable by trying out for more!
The other day I was on the bus, traveling to my office. As usual, I was listening to my favorite numbers from Coldplay on my MP3 when a thought passed me by.
Why do I stick to the same old songs almost everyday? Why don't I get some new songs on my MP3 and forget about Coldplay?
And this is where the debate started in my mind! 

What is Right?
1. Sticking to something that makes you happy and keep ignoring things that can make you happier? 
(You get to stay contented and happy - but you may miss out on a lot of other things in life - some of which may obviously make you sad!)
2. Looking out for new things in your life and trying out everything you think is worth a try? 
(This may get you out of your comfort zone often, but you would get to live life fuller and learn much more about life!)
Well, it all started with Coldplay - but apart from that, I think I would rather stick to the second option, provided I don't forget about the things that make me happy today.
I believe you need to experience as much as you can from life, filter out the negatives, and stick to the positives - valuing each and every single thing you have, be it a thought, an experience, a friend, or a load that you may not want to bear!
That is probably the right way to live your life the right way - which is what you were designed for!
Any other views? I would love to hear about your ideas!

1 comment:

  1. Happiness is within you, not around.. SEARCH THE BEYOND, WITHIN!
    Stay happy.. :)