01 May 2010

Try Having a Feast At Home!

Chill at home this weekend!

There are so many ways to enjoy a lovely weekend with your family at home, and yet people would think about spending loads of money and visiting expensive restaurants every time they would want to have fun!
I don't say that I am an exception either, but I tried something different this weekend, and it worked beautifully - for everybody!
It started with a poll - naturally most of us wanted to stay home because of the summer heat. So we voted for a movie - Avatar, lots of drinks to chill, and ice creams!
After having a light lunch, everyone gathered in the TV room, switched on the AC to full - and that was when it all started. I never thought that grown ups can be this fun - especially when you consider them fighting over Coke and ice creams.
It was indeed a great way to sit down with each other and be a complete family! It is definitely worth trying! 
What are you doing this weekend?

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