20 November 2010

Is Nokia Out of the Mobile Market?

You may have heard quite a bit about Nokia falling behind in the Mobile Technology competition lately. With Samsung and a few other companies bringing in touch phones at unbelievably cheap prices - without affecting the quality - Nokia has seen tough days.
The Samsung Corby Series - for example - presents a wide range of phones - touch phones with various features. Whether you are after a querty keypad, a 3G phone, a full touch model or one with a full touch screen and a sliding querty keypad, Samsung has it for you.
However, if you look a bit closer, Nokia is not far behind either - if not ahead! Check out the phones like 5230, 5233 and 5800. I had a chance to go through all these models as well as the Samsung ones.

Now definitely, views may vary from person to person, but I think I found:
  1. These Nokia Phones are far better where looks are concerned
  2. You get what you want - the cheaper 5233 - full touch, or the 5800 with 3G and GPS
  3. Simply by comparing the prices and the features with the Hot Corby phones, you will see the Nokia phones definitely outdo the corresponding Samsung counterparts - be it service, quality, features, or simply the price
Finally, what I think is very important to be noted is with a Nokia phone, you get to enjoy the OVI store which offers you a good number of free goodies, applications and other stuff that definitely helps you get more and more out of your Nokia. This is missing in case of a Samsung.
Being an ex-Samsung fan [I have used 3 different Samsung models - an i8910 Omnia HD, a flip Phone [SCWH531] and a normal bar phone], I think that if you are looking for a feature rich mid range phone [which the Corby range roughly fits in], Nokia may be worth a look at.
This is probably why I have shifted to the 5233 [full touch but doesn't come with 3G]. Other options are 5230 [full touch 3G] and definitely 5800 [a bit more on the cost].
What do you think?

nokia-5230nokia-5233 nokia-5800-xpressmusic

samsung-Corby-Querty samsung-Corby Touchsamsung-Corby Plus

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