01 January 2011

Evolution of Mobile Phones to Tablets - 2011 and Beyond

How far have we come with mobile phones and gadgets at our fingertips that help us communicate and stay connected 24x7, on the go?
Starting with the very first mobile phones that came into the market [let offered you very little more than wireless calls, text messaging options and a digital contact diary], to the new android tablets, we have seen science and technology flex its muscles, making our lives easier and more expensive!
Let us look at some popular mobile gadgets chronologically, and walk the path of the rise of mobile technology.
The Nokia 5110 [Released: Jan 01, 1998]
nokia 5110
If you wanted a camera phone from Nokia back in 1998...
Nokia 3310 [Released: 2000 4th Quarter]
One of the most popular Nokia Phones till date! It offered text messages, calls, digital diary, calculator, clock, and just a little more.
The Nokia N70 Smartphone [2005]
nokia n70
The Nokia N70 has also been on of the most popular phones among the initial smartphones that began to come into the market in the 2005. This featured a camera, and even 3G facility! This was probably our entry to a brand new era of Mobile technology!
Sony Ericsson W-950 [Released: 2006]

A popular addition to the mobile smartphones from Sony Ericsson, this phone featured a great built in MP3 player (for which the Walkman series is very popular).
W950 had a built in HDD of 4GB, and a touchscreen, as well as a keypad. This phone was one of the very first touch-phones that turned heads - and was widely featured in the movie 2012.
The Nokia N8 [Released: 2010]
Nokia n8
And here we step into yet another era of mobile phones - the Nokia N8- high profile, highly efficient, greatly clad with looks and technology. There is very little that this phone will not offer you (at least what you may want till date!).
With this, we now broaden our outlook, and consider not only phones, but other gadgets that let us stay connected to almost everything we want, wherever we may be, whenever we want them to!
Introduction of Netbooks [2008 - 2009]
Acer Aspire Netbook

Android Phones [2009 - 2010]

Smart Tablet PCs [2009]
Apple iPAD
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Future ...
Concept mobile phones
Where we go from here is very hard to predict, especially when we consider the trend over the past decade. But wherever we head, technology will leave us behind and move even further ahead - leaving us trailing behind!
Happy journey 2011 - future!

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